To the Moon :

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I witness your fullness.

I see your indescribable beauty, and you help to illuminate mine.

Help me widen my capacity to receive, by deepening my roots into my worth.

Help me to practice receiving daily :

compliments : graciously

support : gratefully

space : rightfully

creativity : certainly

Help me to honor this continuous dance with spirit. Help me to treasure the times I feel close, as well as the times I feel far – because this too is valuable information.

Continuously show me, remind me, how many treasures already exist in my life.

Blur my judgement between good + bad, and instead let my gaze be soft, receptive + wide to witness the miracles that reside inside.

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As is in the Sky, So is on the Ground

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I think the timing of the super moon in relationship to all that is happening on earth is quite poetic. The moon hasn’t been this bright / close to the earth for the past 40 years. And it won’t be again, for another 20 or so.


I see it as an invitation :

For your light.

I’m witnessing, and feeling all of this intensity, a heavy separation, an ever present mourning, grieving, of what was and the uncertainty of what is to come.

And I’m also experiencing an opportunity to wake up, ever so slightly more. To keep my heart open, when my first instict is to close and judge.

It’s time for a divine awakening.

Like everything has been leading to this moment in time, to this space where it is truly time to lead from love, and notice when fear is wanting to take over.


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Bless This House

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A loving ritual to practice whenever – whether you just moved in, came back from vacation, swept the floors, are expecting a visitor, or are simply desiring a change or clarity in your home experiences. Try this out. Could be especially fun to do on the night of a full moon (coming up August 29th) or as the seasons change.

One of the first things we did in our new house was a little blessing ceremony. Before the movers came, I set up a makeshift altar, gathered some sage, and wrangled my two boys (husband + son) and we went into each and every room.


With the sage lit and wafting, and Aaron commenting on how it stinks and I should put it out (I didn’t …) we traveled to each and every room. When we entered I said Bless this (Living)Room, May it be… And we said whatever words / experiences came to mind in that moment.

“Bless this kitchen, may it be filled with delicious meals, good conversations, and JOY.

Bless this closet, may it hold our jackets + items snugly.” And so on…

We went briskly with the sage + a prayer of what we’d like to experience in each room.

Such a sweet practice – infusing regular life with pockets of mindful rituals. I’ve already forgotten what we wished for in each room, but somehow I know we have already started to experience it, and for that I am so grateful.

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New Moon Magic

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I made you this mini worksheet to help you celebrate and set an intention for a new moon.


It’s a powerful time to align ourselves with the energy of the moon and set clear intentions, start new projects, and plant conscious seeds of what you are wanting. Farmers used this time to plant new seeds to line up with this dark phase of the moon before it begins to shine and move towards full. You can ask yourself what you are ready to create, and then begin, maybe even by creating a moon board.

Consider matching your intention with a physical object that you interact with every day. It can be something you already have, or it can be something new – as long as you lay your intention over and under it to support you as you move through an onwards on your path.

A mini mala that hangs close to your heart can be a potent + sweet reminder of your intention and greater vision.

And if you are wondering what a mini mala is in the first place….

It is a playful version of the traditional japa mala that is used for meditation + prayer. The necklaces are made with 108 beads and are each unique + expressive.

And here is the new moon worksheet again. Super simple + super sweet.

So happy new moon to you all! May you plant seeds that satisfy your soul and water them lovingly. Can’t wait to hear what begins to sprout.

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Full Moon Recap : Prayer Arrows

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This past Pop Up Full Moon Yoga class concluded with a  craft. Inspired by Ruby Warrington and this post she wrote on The Numinous – we finished our calming moon salutations and started making prayer arrows.


After savasana we transitioned into writing a note of gratitude on a piece of brown tissue paper, and then scribed a prayer, a wish, or an intention for ourselves, someone else, or this world. We chose a branch (that was sourced locally from Prospect Park :) ) and wrapped the note around the twig, secured it with washi tape and colorful thread, and then added feathers, flowers, and fresh rosemary as adornments. 

The best part was seeing how incredibly unique and gorgeous everyone made their own arrows. Now they exist as a way to shoot the prayer or wish out into this world. A lovely symbol + gift.

You can make your own prayer arrow anytime you’d like to send a conscious thought into the universe. Of course I’d LOVE to see what you create.

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Moon Board

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The new moon is a great time to ask yourself : what are you ready to create? And so on today’s new moon I created what I’d like to call a moon board. A hybrid of a vision board / mood board / with some free writing – pasted on an old calendar by Nikki McClure. As I arranged the images and colors, it felt like my hidden (and not so hidden) desires were revealed in a visual form. So cool!

So if you feel pulled – take time to plant some seeds with a magical visual. Don’t judge, just make.



Don’t forget you are a creative genius, and sometimes the hardest part is just to begin. Go plant some seeds – and let me know what grows!

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