I Am From

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I am from the enchanting moon and it’s pull on my heart.

I am from wonder.

I am from dance.

I am from seeds planted centuries ago.

I am from the leaf that falls gracefully from the tree.

I am from deep questioning and the arrival of an honest answer.

I am from bliss.

I am from practice.

I am from the magic of the stars.

I am from the rustle of something deeper yearning to be received.

I am from pathways that zig and then zag, yet always return home.


Where are you from? In the most literal or abstract sense? Write a poem and share it, I know I for one would love to hear.


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Programed to Receive

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I want to create space to investigate. I want to deepen my relationship to myself, so I can have meaningful relationships with others.  I want to connect to what is guiding me and slow down so I can receive. I want to worry less and TRUST MORE and experience a lot of JOY.


There is tremendous power in claiming what you want, and then there is the practice of bringing your desires into your life. Rituals, sacred rewards, and things you do to stay upright must always be present and evolving in order to support the shift you are wanting,  so that  you can receive it with grace and ease. 

Until then have fun creating what you need most in order to support you in where you want to go. This group of lovely ladies also work magic.


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A Note to Me

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Before it passes – stop and look – because it just might not be there tomorrow.


I know you’re busy. You have big dreams, schemes, and a baby to keep track of – but whenever you can – stop and look. Notice the incredible beauty of life RIGHT NOW. I know you might not have all you yearn for (yet). But you DO have exactly what you dreamed of (and more) 1, 3, 10 years ago. So before you bound off to the next thing, project, email, playdate… savor whatever – whenever. And you will find yourself exactly where you need to be – here.

If you want to meditate about it all, here is a mini meditation I made for you when winter was turning to spring.

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”  ― C.S. Lewis

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Dearest Body of Mine,

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I Promise To:

  • Honor you as the temple of my soul
  • Offer you healthy foods and drinks
  • Realize that you deserve to be healthy
  • Overcome the addictions that hurt you
  • Love and appreciate you for what you do
  • Accept that I have the power to heal you
  • Adorn you with nice, comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Realize that laughter, play, and rest help you feel good
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately for my body type
  • Accept you and be grateful for you just the way you are
  • Listen to messages you are sending me when you are hurt or sick
  • Understand my unexpressed emotions and thoughts effect you


Me   xoxo


I am grateful my health coach shared this letter with me.  I posted it on the fridge and read it every day.  I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a health coach.  I share this poem with my clients and I do my best to create a sweet connection to myself daily.

What words guide you?

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In Between

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Life happens in the snuggles, the walks, the grocery shopping, the train rides.  The stuff in between the graduations, the birthdays, the weddings, the babies, the vacations.  Life is in the hydrangeas turning pink, the quiet cups of coffee, the mouse that scurried past me on the sidewalk, kids playing in the park.

Life is in the small things, the things that fill every day.


I am keeping my eyes open to see how really special and magical they are.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats


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Instead of Perfect

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I am finished chasing the perfect day. The one where I wake up rested and step into a continues flow that lasts for the entire day. Consciously spending each moment. Present with the tasks at hand.


Instead, I will find the magical moments tucked inside an imperfect day. The days where I wake up tired, waste time, and still have a list of things to do. Instead of second guessing myself on how I am spending my time, and seeing how I can be more efficient. I will remind myself whatever I am doing in the moment is perfect.

I am done chasing this perfect day because I realize I will be running forever.

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