The Point

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Becoming still is why I move.

Savasana is why I vinyasa.


If there aren’t moments of pause tucked within, around, and beside the movement – it becomes tricky to soak in the gifts. I become too wrapped up to see the sparkle shining right in front of me.

Stillness allows our bodies to absorb blessings.

Stillness allows for reflection, which gives way to meaning.

Savasana is the point of all the shapes in yoga. They prep us to simply lie on our backs and receive: our breath, our worth, our light, our impact we have both on ourselves and in this world.

Pause and breathe, so you can receive.


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Magic in the Pause

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Honored that this passage below is featured on the Prema Yoga website – highlighting the focus of the month: Stillness + Savasana.


Magic happens within the moments of stillness and the surrender of savasana. Something deceivingly simple as doing nothing, is tremendously rewarding – but can be difficult to practice.

It’s when I’m the busiest that I need to pause the most, yet it is in those times where it feels highly impossible. I become tricked into believing that I have no time for any space in my day to be quiet – to connect to my breath, drop into a down dog, journal, or meditate.


So I fill whatever space I have with as much as I can cram in – even though it feels so good to empty. I remind myself over and over, there is tremendous power in stillness – in lying down with palms facing upward absorbing and receiving.

In asking. In doing less. In playing more.

And when I forget, which I almost always do – I close my eyes and return to the breath so I can let the mind settle – and get quiet until I feel good again.


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I am Devoted

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I am devoted to growth.

I am devoted to self expression.

I am devoted to being a present and playful mom.

I am devoted to forgiving myself for all the times I am not present and playful.

I am devoted to my main squeeze and continuous laughter.

I am devoted to seeing things differently.

I am devoted to my practice.

I am devoted to making things that add beauty and light to this world.

I am devoted to stepping into the fullest version of myself that I can be.


This poem is inspired by a poem Elena Brower wrote and shared at ABC Carpet and Home.

What are you devoted to? I’d LOVE to hear.

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What Are You Ready To Create?

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“Creativity comes from stillness. At the moment between the inhale and exhale of breath, you are between formless and form. In that moment of stillness you can create.” -Yogi Bhajan 

What are you ready to create?

I ask this question often since the answer is constantly evolving. 

Right now I am ready to create trust in myself and believe in my worth. I am ready to unapologetically share my mini malas. I am ready to create magical yoga classes that celebrate something bigger than just the poses. I’m ready to create more time to play with Luca and less time multitasking. I’m ready to create juicy gatherings with amazing food.



What are you ready to create?

Here are some ideas to help you get clear:

  • Free write. This is so healing! Just get a piece of paper, write the question at the top, write without judgment, and see what comes up.
  • Listen to this meditation and find a moment of stillness to let your answers crystallize for you.
  • Create a custom mini mala to represent what it is you are ready to call into your life. Or find one that you love here. 
  • Start reading a new book that fills you up.

It may take some time to fully create what you are wanting most, so be sure to trust wildly in the meantime.

I will be doing my best to take my own advice.

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I Am From

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I am from the enchanting moon and it’s pull on my heart.

I am from wonder.

I am from dance.

I am from seeds planted centuries ago.

I am from the leaf that falls gracefully from the tree.

I am from deep questioning and the arrival of an honest answer.

I am from bliss.

I am from practice.

I am from the magic of the stars.

I am from the rustle of something deeper yearning to be received.

I am from pathways that zig and then zag, yet always return home.


Where are you from? In the most literal or abstract sense? Write a poem and share it, I know I for one would love to hear.


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Programed to Receive

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I want to create space to investigate. I want to deepen my relationship to myself, so I can have meaningful relationships with others.  I want to connect to what is guiding me and slow down so I can receive. I want to worry less and TRUST MORE and experience a lot of JOY.


There is tremendous power in claiming what you want, and then there is the practice of bringing your desires into your life. Rituals, sacred rewards, and things you do to stay upright must always be present and evolving in order to support the shift you are wanting,  so that  you can receive it with grace and ease. 

Until then have fun creating what you need most in order to support you in where you want to go. This group of lovely ladies also work magic.


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