New Addition : Full Sized Malas!!

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I started Charm & Magic almost 2 years ago – two weeks before my son was born.

Now, with about a month before the next baby comes, I have a new addition to the Charm & Magic collection… full sized malas. These necklaces are made with 108 larger beads that you can easily use for meditation + prayer. They are a delight to hold as you repeat a mantra, or wear as a reminder of a greater intention.


photo 3


One mala is called Grounded Grace, but they all embody that essence : earthy colors mixed with heavenly ones, playful + asymmetrical with pockets of sparkle – all lovingly strung on silk.

These would be a great gift for any friends, sisters, moms, daughters, yoga teachers, (or yourself) … that appreciate beauty + accessing their inner calm. These malas are a beautiful tool to ground + guide you as you connect to yourself and move fluidly + ease-fully towards what you are most wanting. Plus a portion of your purchase will go towards Girls on Fire… and well, you can’t beat supporting a meaningful cause while you shop!

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New Collection

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Lately my desire to make things has heightened.

photo 5-6


It’s so strong that when I don’t have any time to create anything I become irritable + unpleasant.

Making things has become my medicine. Some things I make are great, others are not. But the time I spend in my Charm & Magic headquarters leaves me feeling balanced and whole, and I’ve had the incredible gift of dedicating consistent time to my work.

I also listened to Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert (READ IT!) which propelled me even further into honoring this intense desire to create. I felt (and still feel) that if I didn’t express myself creatively – I didn’t feel fully alive, and I don’t like that feeling.

So that has all lead to this new Charm & Magic collection : elegant, playful + mystical – to help ground and guide you as you connect to yourself.

Visit the shop here and see if anything catches your eye.

May you find your own unique ways to express yourself + make something beautiful. Coloring is a wonderful place to begin.

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Custom Made

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I love making mini malas, and I especially love designing them with someone’s vision + desires in mind. I have made some custom malas for a few wonderful people, and my heart explodes when I hear what they have to say when their unique piece lands in there hands.

“I really cant describe how much I love my mini mala. I’m not a spiritual person at all, but I kinda felt something when I held it. I definitely felt connected to it and like it gave me some sort of spiritual feeling and calmness.”

– Esta Tonkin of Wild Weka


“…the intention I set for my mala (to lean into my intuition more) seems to be coming true! Since wearing it, I’ve found a professional intuitive online who I really clicked with and had a session with her last week. After our session, she asked for my permisson to use our call for her training program, and as a trade, offered me free access to an online course (she sells for lots of money) to develop one’s psychic skills.I create one step – and the the universe paves the next 2 steps for me.”

– Danielle van de Kemmenade of Heart Work


“I was so honored to receive something this beautiful. I kept these pearls from a tiny island off the coast of Colombia for so many years until I saw your work and knew that I could put them in the right hands. I told you I dreamt of wearing moonlight, and that is exactly how it feels when I drape them around my neck.”

– Susanna Harwood Rubin, Yoga Teacher. Writer. Artist

photo 1-33

“My stunning mini mala started working it’s magic right away from the moment I began to unwrap the thoughtful, gorgeous packaging! I definitely feel energized by wearing my mini mala and remember to be grounded just by touching it or looking at it. I feel like it packs so much beauty, wisdom and inspiration, and I don’t know if they are addictive, but I already want a second one!!”

– Berynes Sosa – A most extraordinary teacher


Each piece is as unique as the person who sparked its creation, and serves them in both a very real + magical way.

If you have a vision, some special beads or a charm, or are just wanting something designed specifically for you with your desires in mind – let’s make something!

You can begin here.

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Charm & Magic Headquarters

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I’ve traded my little corner “office” behind the couch in our Brooklyn apartment for an entire room in our new home. It only really consists of a desk at this point, and a bed for guests – but my desk is nestled in front of a window, which is a dream.


I got an actual “craft table” which my loving husband assembled, and now I have room for my many supplies. I have a little station for packaging / miscellaneous tasks on the other side of the room and a meditation nook, which I try to visit every morning as long as Luca allows, or if I manage to wake up before him.

I have my beads arranged in tubes, baby food jars, in a bead box I found in a second hand shop in Brooklyn, in zip lock bags nestled into a shoebox, and in a plastic case I’ve had since I was a kid. They are tucked into different drawers and spaces – and I can pull them out and put them back with somewhat relative ease.

I’m beyond grateful to have space dedicated specifically towards Charm & Magic. And just like everything in this house, I’m sure it will evolve just as I do.

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Stringing Meaning

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My friend credited her passing of a very important test to her mini mala and the luck it brings.

Another friend was devastated when she had to take her charm & magic bracelet off in order to take her very important test. She couldn’t bear to part with it, as the beads around her wrist became a part of who she was – they went everywhere with her. The next time she took the test she hid her bracelet in her sock and did wonderfully!

Isn’t it funny the meaning we pair with objects?


I’ve always had little trinkets and jewels that became so heavily layered with meaning – and I still do. These symbols make me feel safe and supported, especially in challenging times. Right now they consist of 4 bracelets I made that remind me of my creativity + expressivity, my grandma’s locket that I wear when I want to feel connected to her, and my mala beads that I use to when I want to feel grounded or when I want to practice gratitude in a grand way.

Both of my friends really passed their tests because of their incredible brains, and I can feel creative, connected, grounded, and grateful without any of my jewels… but a little extra magic certainly doesn’t hurt.

Would LOVE to hear about the special items you don’t leave home without and cherish like they are made of gold. Leave in the comments below! SO nice to hear different ideas.

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Give From the Heart

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When I began Charm & Magic I knew I wanted to be able to support a meaningful cause, but since I am still in the ‘investment phase’ I felt like I couldn’t really give financially at this point.

A few months ago I met an amazing new friend, Eileen, who spent two years living in Africa and is returning to Kenya to take a group of girls, now known as the Girls on Fire, on a leadership camp. Her mission is incredible and her strength and determination to make a difference was so inspiring I really wanted to support this project in some way. So while Eileen was raising money, I was making 19 mini malas for the girls who are about to embark on this life altering journey.


By the time I finished designing + making + packaging these gifts I was completely depleted – but in the very best of ways, and I was reminded how incredibly rewarding it is to give from the heart.

And so I am thrilled that in 2015 Charm & Magic will have the opportunity to partner with The Human Plant Project, an organization offering yoga to underserved communities in NYC! More on that to come.

So I’d like to leave you with two things:

#1. Know that when you purchase a Charm & Magic mini mala you are also supporting these growing organizations.

#2. If you are feeling tight on money this holiday season and still want to give beautiful, meaningful gifts – remember the best ones come from the heart (as corny as that sounds – it’s true!) – you can always make something, bake something, write something, record something, organize something… in a way that only you can do.

Happy Giving!


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