I just got my haircut yesterday – was very much needed.  And you know that glorious feeling you have right after you get a fresh cut?  Well it is lingering into my today.  And then I thought, hmm… maybe it is because my hair got SOOO much love from my crazy hair dresser.  Literally.  The whole time while he was cutting my hair he said: I love your hair, you have such gorgeous hair, it is so thick, what an incredible color, it is natural? wow, you are so lucky, is your family’s hair like this?  I love your hair, so nice, or thoughts like this – for the WHOLE time.  I must have said thank you at least 10 times.  My hair NEVER gets love like that from me.  It is never good enough.  I learned something from that crazy man, (even though maybe all he was trying to do was keep a customer) – I’m going to love my hair every strand all day long.

Another, crazy thing I have been doing the past few days is washing my face with oil.  Yes! Can you believe it?  Can you believe I think it has induced a glow?  It has! Castor oil + olive oil + a few drops of eucalyptus (or add in your own essential oil).  Rub it in, put a warm wash cloth over your face for 30 sec, and wipe away.   I am really loving it.  I was inspired by this article, check it out.

So now I will be writing love notes to my hair, and going to my kitchen cabinets for my face wash – crazy what some people do for beauty.  What do you do?