A loving ritual to practice whenever – whether you just moved in, came back from vacation, swept the floors, are expecting a visitor, or are simply desiring a change or clarity in your home experiences. Try this out. Could be especially fun to do on the night of a full moon (coming up August 29th) or as the seasons change.

One of the first things we did in our new house was a little blessing ceremony. Before the movers came, I set up a makeshift altar, gathered some sage, and wrangled my two boys (husband + son) and we went into each and every room.


With the sage lit and wafting, and Aaron commenting on how it stinks and I should put it out (I didn’t …) we traveled to each and every room. When we entered I said Bless this (Living)Room, May it be… And we said whatever words / experiences came to mind in that moment.

“Bless this kitchen, may it be filled with delicious meals, good conversations, and JOY.

Bless this closet, may it hold our jackets + items snugly.” And so on…

We went briskly with the sage + a prayer of what we’d like to experience in each room.

Such a sweet practice – infusing regular life with pockets of mindful rituals. I’ve already forgotten what we wished for in each room, but somehow I know we have already started to experience it, and for that I am so grateful.