Butter + Coffee

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I did it.  I hopped on the bulletproof coffee craze.  I blended a bit of grassfed butter into my cup of coffee and I enjoyed a frothy, rich cup of joe that was actually quite satisfying.


I used to be scared of fat (I’m still recovering).  I thought fat was what made me ‘fat’ but it turns out sugar and carbs are the culprit.  So while I was ‘being healthy’ with my low fat / non-fat yogurts and salad dressings I was actually eating more sugar (since they add more sugar to make those products tasty and edible).  I was never really satisfied.

Everyone has their own opinion of what is healthy and what isn’t.  Trends come and go and people will be baffled by the thought of blending butter and coffee together (ha!).  But the good news is only YOU get to decide if it works for your body.

So be sure to start your day in a beautiful way with a nourishing breakfast that makes your body feel good.   I am currently enjoying whole milk with muesli and fresh strawberries…  Call me crazy.  Or call me a mom who is breast feeding – either one works.

More on bulletproof coffee.


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Get Dressed With Ease

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“Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe


I recently came across personal stylist, Hilary Rushford, (on Instagram of course) who is transforming the way I get dressed.  Her month long style challenges include prompts that have turned getting dressed into a fun and creative process.


I have come up with outfits I would have never thought of otherwise.  The other day I was doing the usual putting on and taking off shirts until I looked at the challenge for the day : ‘(owned for) the last 5 years’.  I ended up putting on a dress (usually reserved for weddings) over black pants and felt fabulous on a regular old Tuesday.


(Luca liked my outfit too!)

So for any of you who are like me and want to : pull out your hair / go shopping / melt into a puddle when it is time to get dressed – here is more information about the challenge – and you don’t have to be on Instagram to play.  Hilary also has a series of lovely content rich videos that are slowly shifting the way I view my wardrobe and turning me into a mini fashionista!

Go ahead and express yourself beautifully every morning you get dressed!

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Why I Seriously LOVE Washi Tape

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“When you do anything that expresses who you are, you are adding to creation.”  -Deepak Chopra


Some people have a thing for shoes – I have a thing for beautifully colored & patterned tape – known as washi tape.  My (growing) collection brings me so much joy.  I love wrapping presents with it, using it in my journal, on a greeting card, or on my handmade mini journals. I even used them to keep track of our water glasses this weekend.  (Brilliant if I do say so myself!)

photo 1-11

I love these little rolls because they make it very simple to be creative.  It is a beautiful medium to express yourself in case you are not an expert artist.  Anything goes and the combinations are endless.

If you are craving some creativity in your life but feel stuck… go get yourself some washi tape and see all the charm & magic you can create.

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