Mini Yoga Flow *3

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You will need a little space for this standing warrior sequence as you strengthen the legs while opening through the upper body. Just 5 minutes to stretch + open + ground and you don’t even need a yoga mat or yoga clothes!

Does your body want more? Try:  [ Mini Yoga Flow *1 ]   [ Mini Yoga Flow *2 ]


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What You Focus On Expands

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“It is gratitude that expands my ability to receive beauty in my life.” – Oriah

When I focus on all the wonder in my life I am significantly happier. Life seems easier and sparklier when I write mini gratitude lists or jot down the magic that exists in my days.

Example: I am grateful for morning runs, Luca naps, muesli with chocolate, and quiet mornings.  I’m grateful for rain showers, loud booms of thunder, and the picture of a rainbow my brother sent me via What’s App.  I’m thankful for unicorn stickers, handmade stamps, fresh lavender, and homemade cookies.

Result: Ahhhhhh……


Sometimes I forget this super simple practice and my life then reflects it.

When I have a clear space to write down highlights from the day life gets even sweeter.

Find a place where you can keep a growing list of all things that are awesome. Moleskines rock.  I love my gratitude journal.  And I’m starting a magic log in a mini-notebook.

Start with the basics.  Let it ramble.  Let the words tumble out.

Write in the morning.  Write at the end of the day.  Find a time and just write anyway.



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Mini Notebooks

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My friend, Alaina, shared this link with me about how to make mini notebooks.  I immediately fell in love since I love all things mini.  I got to work and let polka dots and washi tape dance on the covers.

photo 2-12

They are incredibly imperfect.  I didn’t let the desire for perfection squelch the joy I had making them.

photo 3-7

So uneven pages will just have to do for a place that words can rest.

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

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