I am a mother, a maker, and a teacher.

Rediscovering who I am in each moment.

Grateful to have been introduced to yoga at a young age, exposed to art, immersed in dance, privileged to teach creative movement to children + yoga to adults.

The many strands of me, weave together to create a most exquisite tapestry, all in the honoring of expression + creativity.

The act of making jewelry is a deep and reverent bow to all the women in my lineage. For perhaps I am the first one to have the freedom and support to tend to my heart’s calling : which is to create beauty.  Something I was drawn to as a young girl, forgot about, and then re-found just about the time I crossed the threshold into motherhood. My work has been growing alongside my family and hopefully will serve as an example of deep listening to the women who follow.

The act of teaching is a continuous work of art that I feel honored to participate in. Creating the space for bodies to land + connect to their spirit through conscious movement with an attention of the breath, so that one can access clarity of the mind.

The dance of motherhood of is a demanding one, which sometimes is exalting, or exhausting depending on the state of my being. But ultimately it is where the lessons continue to come streaming through, work clearly never done, and requiring of me to slow + marvel so not to miss it all.

I was born + raised in NY, and I am now living in Lancaster, PA with my family. I adore really good chocolate, Italy, and naps.


.  .  .

Thank you for reading and being a part of this space, I am grateful you are here.

To reach out message : leahannefox@gmail.com