In the post Thanksgiving haze, things feel quiet and slow. Perfect conditions for doubt and feeling like whatever I’m doing isn’t enough to sneak in.



I have been writing daily prayers, or wishes, which have been a helpful tool. This practice was inspired by my teacher Amanda Harding, who weaves together deliciously thoughtful + meaningful prayers that she so generously shares.

This was today’s:

Allow me to judge less, and forgive myself when I forget.

Let me be guided + reminded there is time for it all – as long as JOY is the utmost concern.

Let me remember to play, and to take myself and my work WAY less seriously.

Let me be free to make things.

Let me remember magic lives in connection, support me as I reach out, especially when I’d rather not reach at all.


Writing it down, handing it off, asking for help. Sometimes I remember what I wrote, other times I need to read it again and again. But at least it is there – when I choose to remember.