In honor of turning 30 this week – a list of 30 things I’m grateful for – in no particular order.



1. My parents and the tremendous courage + grace it took for them to have me. :)

2. Growing up with my three brothers.

3. Moving to a new house – in Lancaster, PA – where the produce is plentiful + fresh.

4. Bringing the seed of an idea Charm & Magic into this world and now having an outlet to make beautiful meaningful things for people.

5. My incredibly amazing, amazing husband. Who knows where I’d be without him. Seriously.

6. Little Luca who is now a toddler and amazes me every day… as cliche as that may sound.

7. Naps. (in regards to Luca’s naptime and anytime I can squeeze one in)

8. Chocolate. Especially good quality stuff. Like bean to bar. Artisanal made shit.

9. My many ridiculously awesome friends from all parts of my life, all over the world, yet so near and dear to my heart.

10. Snail mail.

11. My little cousins that are now big cousins to Luca, and the magic of witnessing that. My aunts and uncles, that Luca now gets to have as great aunts + uncles.

12. Being pregnant again with baby #2!!! :)

13. Having had the opportunity to live in some of fantastic places : Brooklyn, Italy, & Frankfurt, and the excitement in the thought of returning.

14.  Shelter Island, and my gracious aunt + uncle who are always willing to have us.

15. Fresh flowers.

16. Orange egg yolks.

17. Washi tape, stamps, and any other craft supply.

18. Beautiful design.

19. Good coffee, and the ritual within a cup.

20. Grass fed, organic half and half, and other dairy products. :)

21. Ice – Cream.

22. Slowing down.

23. Learning at an early age that motion is potion, and running, dancing, yogaing since.

24. My teachers – especially the ones that believed in me more than I believed in myself, and offered a sublime teaching just in their way of being.

25. Everything I discover and uncover on my yoga mat.

26. Meditation. Especially when I have my husband as a meditation partner.

27. WFUV. Best radio station ever. Thankful I can stream it when I’m out of NYC.

28. Mantra music. That stuff really grounds me when I’m feeling scattered and anxious.

29. Sunshine. I worship the sun.

30. Today.