A mini guide to welcome spring:


1.  Eat bitter greens: They help your winter body transition into spring.

2.  Spring cleaning: Whether it is a food cleanse or a juice cleanse – cleaning up your diet helps reset patterns.

3.  Read a book in the sun: I’m currently loving The Group right now…Sex in the City a la 1933. (Thank you Valerie!)

4.  Sprout:  Add sprouts to your salads, sandwiches, and smoothies – they are nutritional powerhouses and you can even make your own!

5.  Window box: Plant some fresh herbs and enjoy with meals.


6. Purify: Put lemons in water and drink up.

7.  Connect: Walk barefoot in the grass.

8.  Journal: Fill it with words, lines, doodles, pictures, photos… the options are endless!

9.  Beautify: Keep fresh flowers in your home.

10.  Snail Mail:  Make someone’s day with a letter.


Would love to hear what you do to welcome spring.  Leave a comment below!